Charlie Phuakchoo is a renowned Thai Food Master Chef whose work has received many outstanding reviews and awards in Ireland and internationally.
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"First impressions were excellent. Diep is tucked into a lane way off Pembroke Street and is a long, narrow room. A warm palette of reds and yellows combined with good lighting and handsome wood floors make for a very comfortable dining experience."

Food & Wine Magazine
Ireland's No.1 Food and Entertaining Guide
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"Serving exotic Chinese and Thai cuisine, classics such as spring rolls, chicken satay and Thai fish cakes take their place alongside stunning fish dishes and fragrant Thai has become a popular haunt for those who enjoy exceptional food in sumptuous surroundings..."

SQ Food Magazine
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"In the 1970s Mr. Chow's in Kinightsbridge was the first Chinese restaurant in London to break away from traditional Oriental decor. At last it has filtered through to Dublin with the extraordinarily named Diep Le Shaker restaurant serving Chinese/Thai food."

Sunday Independent 'Living' Section
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"Here Charlie has prepared 3 authentic Thai dishes that are bound to be a hit with all Thai lovers. Most ingredients are readily available from Asian markets, supermarkets and specialist food stalls. In the case of taro and sweet basil alternatives are suggested"

Food & Wine Magazine
60 minute Dinner Party
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"Ethnic Cuisine and Chilled Cider - A Marriage of Flavours
In April this year Diep Le Shaker became a welcome addition to the Irish ethnic restaurant scene."

The Sunday Tribune
'Features' Section
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